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Sismo offers a decentralized and privacy preserving login system, based on blockchains, decentralized identity (DID) and Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology.

Sismo is developing the Sismo Protocol which allows anyone to generate privacy-preserving Badges from their web3 accounts (e.g BAYC NFT Owner Badge). Sismo Badges are NFTs on Ethereum/EVM chains and are compatible with web2 and web3 applications as an access control and reputation tool.

Our team of 7 crypto-natives has been working on Ethereum since 2015 (ex Aave, Sandbox, Kleros, ConsenSys). We raised $10m from the top teams (Optimism, Starkware, Curve, Axie Infinity, Nansen, etc..), investors in web3 (Delphi, IDEO, Framework, Fabric) and web2 (Founder of Product Hunt, Naval Ravikant, GFC).

Anyone joining is exposed to the best of crypto through trainings, conferences, hackathons.

You can expect to be part of a small, mission driven team that cares about privacy, decentralisation and ZK Tech which will power the future of the decentralized web.


As a Web3 Backend engineer, you will work on various subjects in strong collaboration with the team from conception to maintaining production.

You will be in charge of:

  • Adding new features to improve the Sismo Protocol
  • Creating the best dev experience on top of the Sismo Protocol
  • Adding new ways to fetch on-chain data
  • Creating SDK and libraries for the Sismo Protocol


  • You love to imagine and build clean and scalable software
  • You are excited to build open source software
  • You like writing high-quality and documented open-source code
  • You like to handle complexity in a elegant manner
  • You worked on a project that went into production
  • You communicate clearly inside the team
  • You are a seasoned crypto-native or a passionate newcomer to web3 with strong conviction for web3, Ethereum, and ZKP
  • Eagerness to grow and improve

Nice to have

  • +2-6 years experience in building web app
  • Entrepreneurial experience/side projects
  • Experience in handling large amount of data
  • Communicate externally, through Github, conferences or Twitter/blog posts
  • Experience in building npm packages
  • Fluent in English (French is a bonus)

Tech stack Sismo

  • Typescript, Node.js, npm packages
  • The Graph, Dune analytics, blockchain data APIs
  • Bigquery, SQL, noSQL
  • REST, GraphQL API
  • AWS infrastructure, Docker, Github Action
  • Solidity, Hardhat, Ethers.js
  • Circom
  • Rust


The Sismo team is deeply dedicated to the development of Sismo Protocol and aggressively builds to see-through our mission… and we have great benefits for those who join us:

  • Strong incentives (Salary + Tokens)
  • Remote-friendly
  • Participation in some of crypto’s biggest events and conferences
  • Become entrenched in the ZK community

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