Subspace Network is building a radically decentralized, next-generation blockchain which allows developers to easily run Web3 apps at Internet scale. Subspace is based on original research funded by the US National Science Foundation and planning to launch its Network later this year. Subspace Labs is an early-stage, venture-backed startup with a remote-first, globally distributed team. To learn more, visit our website and read the technical whitepaper.
We are seeking a WASM execution protocol engineer to join our rapidly growing team of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiasts and engineers.  Subspace employs a novel proof-of-storage consensus algorithm and a decoupled execution framework, which allows it to scale far beyond existing blockchains, without sacrificing security or decentralization.

In this role you will:

    • Implement a WebAssembly-based smart contracts execution environment (think Ethereum Virtual Machine, runtime and pallet-contracts in Substrate)
    • Benchmark and optimize performance of smart contract execution (raw computation performance, state database access, end-to-end latency, etc.)
    • Resolve implementation challenges related to decoupled execution and cross-shard communication.
    • Collaborate with upstream projects on improvements in WASM VMs, Substrate runtime and execution infrastructure, etc.

Key Requirements

    • Experience working with the internals of the EVM (ideally with Geth, Parity/OpenEthereum) or a Substrate’s pallet-contracts or equivalent experience. 
    • Theoretical background in distributed systems, such as consensus mechanisms, as well as cryptographic fundamentals.
    • Strong knowledge of Rust programming language.
    • Experience writing/porting Rust, C or C++ libraries/applications compiled to WebAssembly

Bonus Experience:

    • Knowledge of WebAssembly language specifications and tooling
    • Contributing to WASM VM implementation
    • Writing and production deployment of smart contracts in Solidity or any other language
    • Familiarity with smart contract standards in various ecosystems
    • Experience working with internals of key-value or relational databases, especially in blockchain context
    • Familiarity with Substrate and the Polkadot ecosystem

What We Offer

    • Work remotely from anywhere in the world.
    • A competitive salary with generous equity and token grants.
    • Medical, dental, and vision insurance.
    • A unique opportunity to shape the future of the Subspace Network and play a critical role in building the world’s most scalable blockchain.  
    • Company-sponsored team offsites in various locations around the world.

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