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Open source software delivers billions of dollars per year in economic value, but those contributing often aren’t properly incentivized or compensated for their work. This is the problem Gitcoin originally set out to solve, and now, 5 years later, we are the largest Quadratic Funding experiment in the world empowering communities to fund their shared needs.

Gitcoin is made up of the DAO and protocol that serves as the funding mechanism for much of the Ethereum ecosystem. We have helped builders raise over $65mm by enabling institutions and the community to fund each other with cryptocurrency. This means, gone are the days of relying on user-extraction (or ad!) models to build and sustain products that are so common in web2.

We are searching for an experienced chief of staff to implement strategy, increase our team’s efficiency and serve as a sounding board for a number of key leaders. Gitcoin has a community of hundreds of thousands of builders, all of whom are interested in growing web3 projects and technology. This role will position you in the middle of this ecosystem, shoulder to shoulder with other humble leaders who want to see economic value pushed to the edges of the network.

This role requires a self-starter with a deep understanding of how to organize people and processes into collectives that move in the same direction. The ideal candidate has CoS experience, and understands how to work with executive teams and still serve the newest users. Experience in web3 is not required, but highly desired. We expect you to manage important projects, help other leaders become more organized, facilitate daily operations across the DAO, build and nurture relationships within the DAO to ensure fruitful cross-pollination and success across DAO initiatives and more generally lean into ambiguity. Please don’t hesitate to apply, not all applications will receive a reply though.

“A good CoS knows which relationships are most important to the leader’s and DAO’s agenda.” – Patrick Aylward

Responsibilities for Chief of Staff
We are seeking an experienced Chief of Staff to execute significant strategic, operational, and cultural agendas calling for considerable changes. Help Director and DAO leaders navigate through uncertainty and risk. Ensure strategic projects are initiated, executed, and completed to benefit the Gitcoin DAO.

Chief of Staff Capabilities:

  1. Understands the Organization
  2. Can simplify complexity
  3. Does strategic thinking and problem analysis
  4. Can manage the process of idea to execution
  5. Can anticipate and avert problems
  6. Can grasp and add value to the leader’s vision
  7. Has organizational and political intelligence

This role does not have any direct reports, and will be part of the senior team. We may not be able to respond to all candidates 🙏.

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