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Why Coinhouse needs you?

We are looking for a Mobile tech lead to be the driving force behind the development of your team to make it autonomous and to guarantee the right level of quality.

You will be expected to work as part of a team and combine a strong desire to learn with a strong desire to gain responsibility and authority over your contributions to our product and code base.

We are Mobile first, come and change people opinion about cryptos 🙂 

What we expect from you :

  • Helping people around you to progress technically
  • Implementing actions to improve team velocity
  • Manage technical and architectural debt, legacy code and obsolescence
  • mentoring a team of 3 mobile engineers 
  • Being part of standard scrum processes (grooming, kickoff, stand up, etc.)
  • Development of business logic and collaboration with junior developers
  • Being part of peer-reviews for pull requests, architectural proposals, and process proposals
  • Handling features from analysis of functional requirements all the way to deployment into production

Main technos and stack :

  • React Native, Typescript 
  • Ruby, Rails, React,  NodeJS 
  • PostgreSQL, MongoBD
  • AWS , Docker 
  • GraphQL , Apollo 

And Who are you?

On a daily basis, you are the technical advisor for 8 people. You will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the product and its progress. You set up the architecture and help the team to make it their own. You interact with the product design teams in defining requirements and planning development stages.
In the long term, you seek to make the teams autonomous.

You must be or have:

  • You are business-oriented, for you the technique is at the service of the product: you look for the solution best adapted to the context and the need
  • You have a good interpersonal skills and really listen to people to understand their needs and find answers
  • You are a good team player, you share, build on and develop the skills of others
  • Know how to simplify complex concepts
  • Adaptability: You used to work with uncertainty and you are known for great rigor
  • You are a convinced optimist and take feedback as an opportunity to learn
  • Curious: You have a huge interest in our eco-system and excited to learn some new stuffs
  • An english speaker : You want to evolve in an international team!

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