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Site Crypto-Guilds

Crypto-Guilds is a Guilds, Scholars, and Scholarships Marketplace for Play-To-Earn Games. The Upwork of GameFi. 

We are looking for a technical Co-Founder with solid knowledge of web3 and DAOs. 

The candidate should have experience in coding web3 apps and designing smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Site: https://crypto-guilds.com/

Email: contact@crypto-guilds.com

Deck: Crypto-Guilds Deck.pdf

Token Launch 

  • Token smart contract on ETH (Or another top blockchain BNB/Solana/Avalanche…)
  • Seed Round 
  • Private Sale
  • Public Launch 
  • Airdrop
  • Token Distribution (TGE)


  • Liquidity pool on ETH with farming incentives
  • Token smart contract on Polygon 
  • Liquidity pool on Polygon with farming incentives 

Platform core ecosystem 

  • Develop Scholar Badge (NFT) with minting via $CGUI (Crypto-Guilds’ Coin). 
  • Develop Manager Badge (NFT) with minting via $CGUI. 
  • Develop Game Badge (NFT) with minting via $CGUI. 
  • Develop Guild Badge (NFT) with minting via $CGUI. 

The badges unlock features on the platform such as being able to contact people, being visible in the listings, accessing Crypto-Guilds’ data, etc.

We will implement an experience (XP) system so you can level up your badge to gain more value. Badges with higher levels will generate more APY from our staking pools and will have more tickets for the lottery within our launchpads. 

When badges are sold in the secondary market, a transaction fee should be sent to Crypto-Guilds’ Treasury. 

Secondary developments 

  • Design Crypto-Guilds’ own scholarships structure 
  • IGO launchpad (Initial Game Offering): Design a Smart Contract for token staking in exchange for incentives + access to NFT metadrops and game offerings
  • IGuO launchpad (Initial Guild Offering): Design a Smart Contract for token staking in exchange for incentives + access to guilds offerings. 

Later stage developments

  • Design Crypto-Guilds’ DAO structure
  • Develop or integrate on-chain tracking tools for scholars and guilds
  • Develop or integrate on-chain scholarships (Gaming NFT lending) 
Upload your CV/resume or any other relevant file. Max. file size: 128 Mo.