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We’re looking for a fully remote, full-time, Substrate Runtime Engineer to join us asap. You’ll be part of our core development team, building a Layer 1 chain using Substrate and Rust. Your role has four major components:

1️⃣ Substrate & other dependency management

  1. Monitor developments and releases of substrate versions and other key dependencies
  2. Perform version upgrades & testing in dev env.
  3. Maintain regression test cases and perform release tests
  4. Benchmarking

2️⃣ Tools development

  1. Internal tools to automate creation of dev and test environments and other repetitive tasks
  2. External tools (eg CLI, public docker images) to improve DX.

3️⃣ Production-related tasks

  1. Runtime upgrades
  2. Node upgrades
  3. Validator community management
  4. Tech support needed on critical incidents
  5. Mainnet node management and monitoring
  6. Node Backups and recovery
  7. Investigate and fix node and network anomalies

4️⃣ Research

  1. Research new substrate and ecosystem features and tools
  2. Parachain migration planning and PoC

You’re a good fit for this role if 

  1. You have proven experience as a Substrate runtime/systems engineer and have hands-on experience doing the tasks listed above.
  2. You excel in a performance-driven and collaborative environment with constant growth and pivots as required.
  3. You speak and write English fluently.
  4. You’re working hours can overlap the Central European Timezone by at least 4 hours

Bonus points if you:

  1. Have previously worked at a startup
  2. Have expertise in the NFT space

Does the above sound like you? If so, we’d love to hear from you

What’s In It For You?

Competitive monthly salary + CAPS token bonus – Get paid the market rate with additional compensation in our native token based on our performance

Get paid in crypto – Payment in USDT is possible if you prefer it that way

100% fully remote – Work from anywhere in the world as long as you can overlap Central European Time by 3 to 4 hours

Flexible schedule – Three weeks of paid time off with no set « working hours » apart from a weekly team call; meet your commitments on your own time. 

No micromanagement – We trust you to do the job and meet deadlines without any hand holding or micromanaging. 

No endless meetings – We keep meetings to a minimum so you can work on what you do best

Room for growth – You’re welcome to explore additional areas of responsibility or improvement for the team 

Have a voice – You’re encouraged to share new ideas and propose new ways of working, communicating, etc. 

Consistent feedback loops – Monthly and annual performance reviews with your Team Lead plus weekly team pulses for you to share what’s working well and what isn’t 

Feel like you belong – we make the time to laugh, joke, and bond as a team through virtual team activities, weekly check-ins, and an annual IRL when possible

Who we are  

For builders by builders 

NFTs native to our chain can be deployed using high-level programming languages and do not require smart contract functionality.

Privacy, a fundamental right 

Ternoa combines decentralization with native encryption using trusted execution environment (TEEs), turning NFTs into secure, private data containers, allowing users to retain true ownership of digital data.

Sustainability is key 

Our protocol relies on nominated proof-of-stake ensuring energy consumption.

Multi chain by design 

Using mirroring, bridges, and native Polkadot functionality, Ternoa allows users to merge NFTs from all ecosystems in a single place and enjoy the benefits of our tech stack.

Native support for advanced features

Ternoa provides native support for Secret NFTs, Mirroring, Delegating and Lending, Combination and Fractionalization of NFTs, and much more.

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