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Do you self-identify as a great problem solver (not just a coder)?
Have you been honing your innovation craft for years yet yearning for more complex challenges?
Does the opportunity to play a key role in the launch of a software platform with massive impact (for millions or even billions of people) excite you?
If you’ve answered with 3 resounding yeses, then we want to meet you!
What We Expect
We are a cutting-edge web3 infrastructure scale-up project seeking a few very talented developers who are not just looking for a job but want to be challenged to accomplish great things in an exciting venture. 
We are the veterans of many successful startups and will put you on the accelerated learning curve toward your future success.
This position requires a great understanding of customer-facing tools, UI prototypes for partners, internal tooling, and experience in data visualization challenges in analytics dashboards.You’ll be immediately challenged to take significant ownership of our front-end codebase and architecture. 
Once placed in a squad, you will design and develop Core components of our products on ReactJS and NodeJS. You will contribute to creating advanced, high-performance front-end and back-end blockchain and enterprise applications.
About Cere Network
Cere Network is the decentralized data protocol powering the future of web3 with trustless content sharing and cloud data interactions between apps, users, AI/ML, and (NFT) assets. Cere is backed by the world’s largest institutions and projects, including Binance Labs, Republic Labs, and Polygon.
Our Ethos
We look for a few things across all hires we make at Cere, regardless of role or team: 
– We seek teammates who will thrive in our fast-paced work environment, where we default to methodical, simulation-driven, fast development iterations and a first-principle thinking mindset.
– We crave teammates with high standards and strong discipline, embracing a growth mindset to continuously learn and incrementally improve habits and processes.
– We require contributors to have excellent communication skills (esp. written), for everything must be well organized and tracked in Notion, Slack, Wiki’s, etc. We want autonomous, goal-oriented individuals who embrace transparency and accountability. No one wants to micro-manage others.
– We need good teammates who are generally cool people who want to be part of a great team & decentralized community where everyone truly helps and challenges each other to learn/grow by innovating together towards greater shared goals. Embracing the building of such a collaborative community is the only way we can sustain rapid innovation (and the only way to live/work, really).
– 5+ years of software engineering experience.
– 3+ years experience in front-end development.
– Have an understanding of basic data structures as well as algorithms and their complexities.
– Proficiency in ReactJS and JavaScript/Typescript.
– Maintain high code quality standards.
– Test-Driven Development (TDD) along with applicable unit test coverage.
– Backend server development experience with Node.js (NestJS).
Nice to have:
– Experience in DDD (data-driven development).
A bit more about our Multinational, High-Performance (and primarily remote) Team
Join a highly talented multicultural team that is based all over the world. We have offices in San Francisco, New York, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Berlin, and several locations in Asia. As stated above, we make remote working possible by embracing our ethos, yet many teams also travel to meet in person every 1-2 months. We all want high degrees of autonomy and flexibility to make life and work fun, but transparency, accountability/ownership are the requisites.

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