About Fuel
Fuel is building a high-performance blockchain operating system that provides high throughput without sacrificing decentralization or security. Our project is a full-stack solution that lets anyone deploy a Fuel chain using any configuration they would like (Rollup on Ethereum, Sovereign chain, Appchain, etc.). Currently, our focus is to launch an Ethereum rollup to help scale Ethereum beyond its current capacity.
Working at Fuel
Fuel is remote first and globally distributed, with English as our primary language for communication. We are looking for self-starters who are excited about working in a fast-paced startup environment. We do not require contributors to live in specific time zones, but much of the team lives and works in the European and US time zones. Contributors should endeavour to make themselves available as needed for scheduled team and company events.
What we need from you
Fuel is seeking a full-time Senior Compiler Engineer who will be developing a new high-level language; one that avoids the many shortcomings of current smart contract languages, and that offers additional functionality and performance. You’ll be designing new language features and implementing and maintaining a compiler targeting the FuelVM.
You’ll get to:
– Work at the bleeding edge of blockchain scalability
– Design and specify Sway language features
– Implement and maintain Implement and maintain the Sway compiler written in Rust.
– Integrate the compiler with additional tooling: package manager, debugger, language server, IDE plugin, etc.
– Develop the Sway type system to be more expressive, intuitive and correct.
Required Experience
– Experience with compiler/toolchain development in one or more of the following areas:
– Compiler frontends: parsing, semantic analysis, type checking and type theory, etc.
– Compiler middle-ends: experience in writing optimization passes in an intermediate Representation (IR) framework such as LLVM.
– Compiler backends: experience in writing compiler backends, codegen, register allocators, stack allocators (for stack VMs such as the EVM), backend optimizations, etc.
– Fluency in Rust or C++.
– Good understanding of computer architecture and machine-level representation of a program.
– Deep understanding of software engineering best-practices

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