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About Us

Zellic is a Web3 security and smart contract auditing firm that has worked extensively with Layer 1s and leading protocols on EVM, Move (Aptos and Sui), and Solana, as well as Cairo, NEAR, and Cosmos. Over the last 12 months alone, we have identified and remediated critical vulnerabilities over 179 audits in some of the largest L1s, bridges, and DeFi and ZK protocols. In 55 of these audits, Zellic identified 69 critical impact vulnerabilities and 96 high impact vulnerabilities.

Our background in traditional infosec and competitive hacking enables us to consistently discover hidden vulnerabilities and develop novel security research. Before Zellic, we founded the #1 CTF (competitive hacking) team in the world. It has earned us the reputation as the go-to security firm for teams whose rate of innovation outpaces the existing security landscape. Our auditors’ training in cryptography, embedded systems, low-level exploitation, adversarial attacks, and traditional finance is particularly well suited for (project’s) scope of work. We are uniquely positioned to integrate best practices from traditional infosec with the novelty and unique attack vectors of blockchain systems.

Role Description

As a Sales Associate, you will use your extensive experience in sales or account management to guide new clients through the entire sales pipeline. We have ambitious revenue targets and market expansion goals, and you’ll play a critical role in ensuring that qualified clients reach deal closure.

What you’ll be doing:

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Setting up calls
  • Comprehending and effectively communicating project scope to internal pricing teams, negotiating timelines, and finalizing contracts.
  • Collaborating closely with the Head of Sales, you’ll strategize, prioritize, and contribute to closing more deals.

In addition to your focus on new business, you’ll also be responsible for cultivating our portfolio of existing clients. This entails understanding their general needs and skillfully leveraging our resources to provide optimal support. This support may take the form of facilitating introductions to others in our network, identifying additional security requirements, understanding their ongoing projects, and connecting with their network to broaden our range of support within both on-chain and off-chain partnerships.

As a member of our team, you’ll be interacting with nearly all of our clients, carrying on our tradition of exceptional customer satisfaction and communication. Your role will be key in shaping and enhancing these efforts as we grow.

Success in this role looks like:

For New Clients

  • Timeliness and accuracy of responses, improvements to the overall efficiency of our pipeline
  • A material increase to our total number of clients supported

The goal is to continue supporting high-quality clients while expanding our focus.

For Existing Clients

  • Rate of customer retention, exemplified by recurring audits with the same customer
  • Quality of support provided to existing clients, including introductions made to potential partners in our network.
  • Analysis of customer feedback to drive continuous improvement in our client relationships

As you’ll be supporting our Sales team across the entire client portfolio rather than specific deals, compensation for this role is not commission-based.

Qualifications and Considerations

  • The role is well-defined, with a pre-established, streamlined process and supporting tools. We’re looking for candidates who can hit the ground running and have an immediate impact on our business. The machine is ready for you to go; you just need to hop in and drive.
  • Experience with high-touch, Web3 B2B sales is a must. Professionalism is absolutely essential. Those with experience at centralized exchanges (CEXs), OTC / trading desks, infrastructure providers, staking providers, validators, and similar businesses are likely to be good fits.
  • As you’ll be managing many relationships across a wide array of clients, excellent multitasking and time management skills—the ability to prioritize on the fly—are crucial.
  • Communication and soft skills are absolutely key! This involves understanding whom to communicate with in a professional manner, discerning client intent, and effectively explaining complex sales interactions and changes to deal terms.

Growth Opportunities

High-quality candidates will have the opportunity to mature into full sales leads, which involves sourcing deals, running sales calls, and participating in strategic initiatives for growth.

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