Jito Labs is looking to hire a researcher and writer. We believe transparency and public education are critical priorities. Jito aims to fund research furthering these goals.
The written content should cover complex topics but explore them in a way that is informative to all parties while remaining accessible to casual readers. Jito is flexible on covered topics as long as relevant to MEV, liquid staking or Solana DeFi. Subjects can be thematic or recently topical issues.
The Jito Labs team can assist with idea generation, feedback and data gathering but the writers should be able to operate independently. Content frequency is variable based on writer preferences.

Role Requirements

    • Strong writing skills with examples of prior content
    • Understanding of Solana MEV and DeFi ecosystem
    • Ability to operate autonomously

Example Subjects: Below are some topics we’d like to feature on our research site

    • Liquid Staking vs. Direct Staking: Pros and Cons (How do implementations differ?)
    • Just-in-time liquidity and reward stealing with bundles (Advanced topic: How can applications protect their LPs from fee dilution of JIT?)
    • AMM’s vs CLOB’s: How does the MEV landscape differ on either? (Advanced topic: How to evaluate PnL for making? How about taking?)
    • Flash Loans on Solana: Current Usage and Expected Bundle Implementations
    • Oracle updates: How do searchers optimize transaction timing around these to maximize MEV? What role can Jito bundles play?
    • Anatomy of Solana MEV extraction. ELI5 of complicated liquidation or arb transactions. Use our dashboard to find specific examples to walk through.
    • How does MEV extraction on Solana differ from Ethereum?

Some examples of content we like are below

Position Benefits:

    • Paid opportunity with highly flexible timing and subject matters
    • Collaborate with one of Solana’s leading DeFi teams on MEV research
    • Broad distribution platform for written content
    • Globally remote

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