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About Ta-da

At Ta-da, we’re driven by innovation, placing ourselves at the forefront of the AI and technology revolution. Our clear goal is to redefine how data is collected, verified, and utilized to address today’s AI needs and prepare for future challenges. Ta-da is our ambitious project, transforming data collection & annotation into a global community experience with the power of blockchain technology.

Join the first blockchain-based data collection and annotation project and contribute to exploring the worldwide ambitions of AI.

Our project is supported by influential figures in AI and web3, including Hasheur (entrepreneur and web3 influencer), Luc Julia (creator of SIRI), and Danilo (entrepreneur and MorningstarVentures).

At Ta-da, your creativity and expertise will be highly valued, providing you with the opportunity to actively shape the future of AI. Together, we aim to make a substantial and positive impact on the future of data collection, benefiting both technology and society.

Consider joining us at Ta-da for an impactful adventure!

The Project

All companies that work with machine learning algorithms require large amounts of data to train their models. Unfortunately, there is currently no completely satisfactory solution. To address this challenge, we are launching our own platform that allows companies to collect data from a community of paid users for the purpose of producing and verifying this data. We use blockchain technology because it allows us to achieve hard-to-reach goals, such as raising a quality community, paying users across the world, ensuring the security of user funds, and tracking data.

Your Responsibilities

As a Product Owner:

  • Develop and communicate the product vision in collaboration with stakeholders and the technical team.

  • Create, prioritize, and refine the product backlog, ensuring user stories are clear, detailed, and ready for implementation.

  • Work closely with the technical team to break down user stories into work tickets, estimate their cost, and plan their execution.

  • Organize and lead backlog reviews and planning sessions to ensure alignment and understanding of objectives by the team.

  • Measure and track product progress using key performance indicators (KPIs), making adjustments based on feedback and analysis.

Project Management and Coordination:

  • Act as a liaison between the technical team and stakeholders to ensure clear understanding of requirements and expectations.

  • Monitor project progress and regularly communicate the project status to stakeholders.

  • Manage project risks, including identification, analysis, and implementation of mitigation strategies.

  • Conduct post-mortem analyses and process reviews to identify areas for improvement.

  • Implement changes to optimize processes and increase the team’s efficiency.

Your Skills

  • Product Management Skills: Strong product management skills including product strategy development, road mapping, feature definition, and prioritization.

  • Project Management: Proficient in project management tools and techniques, with the ability to track progress and ensure timely delivery of the product.

  • Technical Proficiency: Ability to understand and discuss technical concepts, manage trade-offs and evaluate new ideas with internal and external partners.

  • User-Centric and Customer-Centric Approaches: Strong focus on the customers needs, user experience and design thinking to ensure the product meets customer needs and expectations.

  • Agile Methodologies: Experience with Agile development methodologies such as Scrum or Kanban, and the ability to work with cross-functional teams.

  • Leadership and Communication Skills: Strong leadership skills to guide and motivate the team. Excellent communication skills to articulate the product vision to stakeholders and team members.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to identify and resolve issues, manage risk, and develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.

  • Stakeholder Management: Experience in managing relationships with stakeholders, including users, investors, and other team members.

  • Continuous Learning: Willingness to continuously learn and stay updated with the evolving Web3 landscape, including new platforms, technologies, and methodologies.

  • Customer Feedback and Iteration: Experience in gathering customer feedback and iterating on the product based on that feedback.

  • Understanding of Web3 and Blockchain Technologies: Profound knowledge of blockchain technology, smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and cryptocurrency. Familiarity with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or other blockchain platforms.


You will be joining a new team to develop an innovative project at the frontier of many fields (blockchain, web3 and artificial intelligence.).

  • You will be one of the key, most important people in Ta-da.

  • We offer one of the most prolific ecosystems on web3.

  • The project is in its infancy. Everything is still to be done, and you’ll be surrounded by passionate people with extensive experience in web3 (since 2016).

  • We’re a family. Strong bonds unite everyone, inside and outside the workplace.

  • We have a single ambition: to blow things up. Come and do it with us.

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