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Welcome to Coinhouse, the easiest crypto app on the market!

Bridging between the blockchain ecosystem and the traditional finance world, Coinhouse creates trust in this ecosystem. Our mission is to empowers our users, individuals and businesses, to simply and securely invest in the crypto market as well as to keep their assets safe.

Why joining us ? to be part of our team is a unique opportunity to develop your skills and progress rapidly in an environment at the cutting edge of innovation.

As a Product Manager activation and retention, you ensure that our product, Website & Mobile App, provides maximum value to our users working with the marketing, the communication, the customer success and sales team.

You will be responsible to select squad’s north star metric to maximize business impact into several key metrics : activation rate, conversion rate, churn, usage, investment rate, …

Day to day discovery & delivery:

  • You understand user pains, issues and needs, define problems and identify opportunities
  • You work on new opportunities with stakeholders & tech teams
  • You listen to the market and the competition
  • You transform your roadmap into an actionable backlog
  • You prioritize and iterate to deliver incremental value
  • You deeply collaborate with engineers, designers, compliance, marketing, etc. Being a team player is the key of everything
  • You measure impact on success metrics to test and learn and inform company decision


  • Product Team : CPXO (incoming), Lead Product, 5 PM, 1 P.Designer (more incoming)
  • Each squad are the same: 2 Front , 2 back, 2 mobile, 1 to 2 QA & 1 Scrum Master
  • Framework Scrum & building a specific Coinhouse discovery process


  • You have between 3 and 5 years of experience
  • You are ready to make trade-off to maximize business impact
  • You are sensitive to growth marketing strategies
  • You are a problem solver
  • You have true customer empathy and are user-focused
  • You are rigorous and detail focused
  • You are pragmatic and result-oriented
  • You speak English


  • First visio call with Marie, Talent Lead (45 min)
  • Coffee meeting with Mario (20 min)
  • Case study live with a pannel for the restitution (2 h)
  • Meeting with Alexandre, our CTO (1h)
  • Culture fit meeting with Vanessa, our Chief People Officer ( 30 min)

We have a fair and a fast recruitment process!

That’s the end of the job description: even if you don’t think you have all the necessary qualities, we encourage you to apply anyway. Every application is considered with the same care ( even cover letters)

There are many opportunities to come at Coinhouse: we are looking for people who are passionate about what they do.

Let’s meet!

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