Product Manager

Do you think the Internet will be different in 10 years time? We do. In fact, we’re betting on it. 

But how, and, how can you contribute?

In 2019 there were around 8 Billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the world. This is estimated to grow to be around 30 Billion by 2030. These could include, pallets, packages, meters, containers, cameras or sensors used in stock control, traffic monitoring or transporting. Based on present Internet connectivity, today’s infrastructure simply won’t cope. We see this as an opportunity.

Nodle has the technology and the ambition to solve this pressing challenge. Powered by the Nodle SDK inside smartphones like the one you might be using to read this now, our network has the potential to connect billions of devices anonymously to smartphone users, with a fraction of the power required by traditional masts and antennas. At the same time, Nodle rewards smartphone users with Crypto (the NODL token). 

Using our SDK, app developers can monetize their apps with our Crypto token, increase retention and help power the IoT. 

If you’re an experienced Product Manager with experience in the Mobile SDK development space, this could be the Web3 opportunity you’ve been seeking to move your career into the future. 

Our team is based in Europe, the US, and APAC. We have an open decentralized culture, and while English is our primary language. This role should be EU based +/- 3 hrs CET max.

Are you analytical and data-driven around backend metrics and client facing dashboards? Commercially minded with Mobile application experience? Consider applying to Nodle today.

Please apply in English***

Working at Nodle

The Nodle team is now a group of 40 experts in varied fields such as cryptography, finance, operations, blockchain, wireless protocols, and mesh networking. While originally founded in San Francisco; Nodle is now a fully remote company.

Why our team loves working here.

We are encouraged to experiment. Try new things, think BIG and be creative in a no-blame environment that tackles challenges constructively.

We have lots of autonomy on when we work and how we work. No micromanaging here, just accountability for your performance.

Innovation, Resilience, Team Work, Drive, Polymathy, Integrity.

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