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We are seeking a talented and experienced Data Scientist to join our team and play a crucial role in developing compliance tools based on the analysis of blockchain data.

As a Data Scientist at BitQuery, you will be responsible for utilising your expertise in data analysis, machine learning, and graph-based algorithms to extract valuable insights from blockchain data and develop innovative compliance tools. Your primary focus will be on creating algorithms and models to detect and prevent fraudulent activities, identify suspicious transactions, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Analyze blockchain data to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that can be used to build robust compliance tools.
  • Develop and implement machine learning models and algorithms to automate the detection of fraudulent activities and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Utilize graph-based algorithms such as Depth-First Search (DFS), Breadth-First Search (BFS), and message passing to uncover hidden relationships and networks within blockchain data.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate compliance tools into BitQuery’s platform and provide valuable insights to our customers.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, as well as regulatory frameworks, to ensure the continuous improvement of compliance tools.


  • Strong proficiency in Python programming language and experience with data manipulation libraries such as Pandas and SciPy.
  • Solid understanding and practical experience with machine learning frameworks such as PyTorch or TensorFlow.
  • Familiarity with graph-based algorithms, including DFS, BFS, and message passing, to analyse complex networks and relationships.
  • Experience in working with Huggingface models, which include a wide range of pre-trained natural language processing models.
  • Proficiency in data visualisation techniques and tools to effectively communicate data science results to stakeholders.
  • Experience with cuDF, a GPU-accelerated data frame library, is a plus.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with a keen attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and stakeholders.
  • Self-motivated and proactive mindset with the ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.


  • Opportunity to work & collaborate with a truly global team spread across 5 countries
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • Choose your own work hours
  • Yearly trip with Bitquery team to any remote destination
  • A promise to finish the interview processes within 1-2 weeks

Being a startup we take decisions & move fairly fast, while giving candidates great experience with the interview process. We have a flat hierarchy in the organization where we empower individuals and provide an opportunity to deliver results as per his/her working style. Come and join a great culture and build Bitquery with us.

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