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Learn from one of the top teams in the blockchain space.

Astar Network – The Future of Smart Contracts for Multichain.

Astar Network supports the building of dApps with EVM and WASM smart contracts and offers developers true interoperability, with cross-consensus messaging (XCM). We are made by developers, for developers. Astar’s unique Build2Earn model empowers developers to get paid through the dApp staking mechanism for the code they write and decentralized applications they build.

Astar’s vibrant ecosystem has become Polkadot’s leading Parachain globally, supported by all major exchanges and Tier 1 VCs. Astar offers the flexibility of all Ethereum and WASM toolings for developers to start building their dApps. To accelerate growth on Polkadot and Kusama Networks, our community led branch “SpaceLabs” acts as an incubation HUB for teams looking to build the tools of the future.

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Represent the company and its investors, customers, and merchants
  • Create social media messaging that aligns with company’s brand and vision
  • Support marketing team with strategies to meet company’s goals and objectives
  • Brainstorm fresh ideas for campaigns and network engagement
  • Stay up-to-date with world of blockchain, crypto and fintech news and events, and emerging trends as they relate to our industry, our investors, and their business objectives and communities
  • Foster and grow a strong community in your respective region by organizing monthly education events in your city/region
  • Attend events and conferences on behalf of the team when appropriate


  • Passion for decentralized technology, knowledge of how cryptocurrency works, interest and knowledge about the Polkadot ecosystem.
  • Willing to engage, grow & educate the community inside and outside of the Astar ecosystem about Web3.0.
  • Committed to helping Astar Network become a community owned blockchain

Benefits & Support

Gain invaluable experience by joining one of the leading blockchains, get introduced to top players in the space, and begin your blockchain centric career.

  • Education – You will have access to all of our internal and external company materials
  • Meetup – We pay Premium Subscription for your city
  • Eventbrite – We will train how to use it and set up properly
  • Build a reputation for yourself (and maybe even your future career!)
  • Work alongside notable people / projects in this space
  • Attend local events and conferences that are sponsored by the team
  • Limited edition freebies e.g. NFTs that are reserved only for our evangelist
  • Company Swag after 30 days for key evangelists

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