Who we are

Weʼre building a nation for gamers, and weʼre looking for our economic minister.

Are you a gaming enthusiast who thrives at the intersection of virtual economies and cutting-edge gaming? Then, we’re looking for you!

The Economic minister is someone who blends a passion for games with deep expertise in economics to take the helm of game monetization and token designs for Game7 and our ecosystem partners. This role is ideal for those who not only love games but are fascinated by the intricate dynamics of Web3 technology and financial markets. In this role, you’ll dive hands-on into developing game economies and tokenomics and manage a team dedicated to innovating in these areas.

Your mission will be to lead Game7’s efforts in integrating advanced Web3 economic frameworks into gaming and leading the industry to sustainable open economy models.

What you’ll help us build

  • Crafting Game-Changing Economic Frameworks: Immerse yourself in creating and executing a comprehensive economic layer for Game7, melding your love for gaming with your expertise in economics.
  • Guiding Partners with Your Gaming Acumen: Provide direct, hands-on support to Game7 ecosystem partners, enhancing their game economy loops, and monetization strategies.
  • Leading Through Innovation: Take the lead in pioneering projects within the Game7 ecosystem, exploring new token models and economic mechanisms that resonate with gamers and defy market trends.
  • Analyzing and Shaping Game Economies with Expert Insight: Dive deep into the world of Web3 game economies by conducting comprehensive, hands-on analyses. Your role will involve identifying key areas for improvement through a gamer’s lens while simultaneously engaging in extensive research on successful game economies. Your findings will be shared publicly to provide the necessary knowledge required to refine gaming economies, positioning yourself as a thought leader.
  • Hands-On Investment Analysis: Apply your gaming and economic know-how to lead in-depth due diligence processes for potential investment opportunities.
  • Building and Leading a Team of Gaming Economists: Assemble and guide a team of like-minded individuals, passionate about gaming and economies, and work closely with them to achieve breakthroughs in tokenomics.

Your Craft

  • At least 5 years of experience in game economy design and analysis, with a history of improving game economies and monetization strategies.
  • A minimum of 2 years of hands-on experience in the Web3 space, with an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and the Web3 gaming sector.
  • A profound interest in both traditional gaming economics and the evolving Web3 gaming landscape.
  • Strong analytical skills, ideally combined with a love for numbers and economic modeling.
  • Previous experience in game development or game monetization roles, with direct involvement in integrating economic systems into games.
  • Demonstrated experience in tokenomics design within the Web3 domain.
  • Excellent communication skills, perfect for sharing your gaming and economic insights.
  • A record of innovation in game economies, with the ability to ideate and test new economic mechanisms and token models.
  • Proven management and leadership abilities, ideally with experience in guiding teams passionate about gaming and economies.
  • A relevant degree in economics, game design, or a related field, with PhDs being an added advantage.

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