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Bitrefill is the biggest and best crypto e-commerce site in the world. We are creating a circular crypto-economy, enabling people to opt out of the traditional banking system and choose freedom… We make it easy for people to live on crypto around the world.

Does this sound like something to you? Then keep reading 🙂

Why are we awesome?

Bitrefill believes in the freedom to work remotely and flexibly; we are built around this. But don’t fear, you will never feel lonely as you will have the opportunity to meet your coworkers in person at our team retreats every year. Some reasons people choose us are:

  • Freedom to work from anywhere
  • We pay and compensate well
  • Our team retreats consist of two get-togethers every year (Stockholm in the summer and a warmer location in the winter)
  • Central office in Stockholm
  • We welcome the crypto curious and experts and are happy to help you learn and grow
  • We have a super-talented and passionate team who believe in our mission

What we offer:

  • An unorthodox internship program, part-time work and academically relevant projects for university assignments
  • When compatible, adequate compensation
  • A very driven, ambitious, and inspirational team where crypto is money for everyday use
  • Challenging workplace and an excellent education when it comes to everything involving cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, the startup environment and more.
  • Possible employment if everything plays out well, for you and us
  • Office located centrally in Stockholm or the opportunity to work remotely from anywhere in the world

You bring with you:

  • Studies and/or experience within any of the following fields: Frontend, backend, mobile apps, full stack
  • Ambition, drive, knowledge in your concentration, cooperative and social skills
  • Interest and understanding of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will help you, but is not required
  • Agility when it comes to workflow. Most teams work in an agile environment where serendipity is how we find our way forward.
  • New and inspiring ideas

Our Process:

We know, we know, the boring part… but it’s really important and we highly suggest you don’t turn your back on this opportunity because sometimes the train of the future only passes in our station once!

We are happy that you kept reading!!
Does it sound like you so far? Get your boarding pass and apply!

Dear future colleague, high five for good life choices! We can’t wait to hear from you!

1 – We’ll start by getting to know you a bit better in an interview with our HR Team! On this one, you don’t need to prepare anything, you just need to be yourself!

2 – Next up is a small task that we will send you to do, which should take you not more than a few hours to complete!

3 – This is getting serious!!! You will get an interview with someone from your future team! We will review your test results together and try to get insights into how your amazing brain solved this task.

4 – Finally, the closing interview stage is where we might ask you for contact information for references. This is also where we’re gonna discuss all practicalities and hopefully make you an offer we also hope you can’t refuse.

You’re in!

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