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1. Responsible for formulating copywriting planning for relevant publicity channels and social media channels to achieve the growth of the group’s social media accounts and fans;
2. Responsible for the planning, copywriting, and maintenance of the group’s brand We-media account daily planning and operation to ensure the update frequency and activity;
3. The use of the group’s social media accounts closely follows industry hotspots, gains more exposure for the brand, and considers the actual conversion effect produced by the exposure;
4. Formulate content dissemination strategies, increase fans/follow new conversions, and increase brand influence;
5. Assist the team in other activities such as content support, promotion copywriting, soft writing, etc.
1. Bachelor degree or above, 2 years or above content/media work experience;
2. Social media experts, blockchain practitioners are preferred, familiar with social media operations, and have high enthusiasm for this;
3. Possess a certain level of graphic design ability, skilled use of drawing software is preferred;
4. Have fast learning ability and strong technical understanding ability, including product learning ability and product value understanding and iterative learning;
5. Keen industry insight, able to quickly grasp industry hotspots and have excellent copywriting skills;
6. Good at multi-departmental communication and collaboration, with strong logical thinking ability and analytical judgment.

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