We are Laminar Projects!

If you have already heard about us, you are probably reading this because you are tired of the typical old fashioned and chaotic ways of doing things in construction.  But in case you haven’t: we are a Construction Consultancy & Tech Startup Hybrid!

We help construction projects optimize their project management as a consultancy and then we use our revenues to develop our own software products. We do things the Laminar Way, that is, we bring control and clarity to projects by implementing pragmatic solutions using a mix of latest technology, our own processes, and a big dose of common sense.

Missions (What we are aiming for)

  • To fully digitise the construction of human civilisation
  • To create a new type of organisation that enables human flourishing while delivering a huge positive impact on society

So, at this point you might be asking what makes us different from other opportunities you might be looking at. Here are a couple of pointers to answer that question: 

  • We aren’t a company; we are a team. We thrive on being a growing startup, with a dynamic culture and a tight-knit team. Our leaders are more like coaches and one of our main objectives is to give 5 years’ worth of learning and development for every 1 year with us.
  • Gain diverse experience by working on projects of all sizes. You’ll get exposure to multiple projects including flagship projects such as High-Tech manufacturing plants, High-Speed Rail, Hospitals, Nuclear, or Hyperscale data centres for tech giants.
  • 100% of our profits go into R&D projects, including developing our own platform to digitise construction project management. If there’s an inner tech-y vein pulsing by now, this is the place to be!
  • Fast and transparent progression based on our development matrix. This means that our roles and salaries are purely meritocratic, focusing on capability over experience. So, if you have the skills to hop to the next level, you will get reviewed and promoted, simple as that. And if you don’t have the skills yet, you can learn them with us.

Get to know us more here! 


The Role

We are currently looking for top-notch Full-stack Engineers to join our team. As a dynamic and tech-driven startup, curiosity and ingenuity are two of the main traits that we love about our applicants!

As a cutting-edge team who are filled with construction and software experts actively making our industry work better, you will be working in one of the most exciting parts of our business: deliver top notch digital solutions to construction customers who struggle implementing these projects themselves, whilst discovering potential features to be developed on our own SaaS platform.

A full-stack developer at Laminar would be focused on:

  • Partnering with our clients to understand their needs and biggest pain points.
  • Work with our multi-discipline teams to design and build impactful data capture and data pipelines that support analytics solutions.
  • Work on business development activities to help us bring new services to the market and win work.
  • Think strategically about how to productise our solutions and create a system that allows data scientists to access data effectively and implement algorithms.
  • Help us build and develop a team, while developing internal processes so we can scale.
  • Deliver presentations, gather information, or share knowledge with our team and our clients.

As a candidate, you should have:

  • Degree educated in fields such as Computer Science, Data Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, or equivalent experience. (Required)
  • Confirmed experience setting up ETL processes and designing/building data pipelines. (Required)
  • Ability to produce clean and robust code in multiple front-end languages and libraries (e.g. HTML/ CSS, JavaScript, XML, jQuery) (Required)
  • Ability to produce clean and robust code in multiple back-end languages (e.g. C#, Python) and JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular, React, Node.js) (Required)
  • Developing APIs and RESTful services  (Required)
  • Develop and manage well-functioning databases and applications (e.g. SQL) (Required)
  • Experience and understanding of how to work with Version Control System (e.g. Git). (Required)
  • Familiarity with data structures, storage systems and cloud infrastructure (e.g. Azure). (Nice to have)
  • Demonstrated ability to share knowledge via code review, mentoring and documentation (e.g. UML diagrams), to best illustrate your decisions and what you’ve built. (Nice to have)

If you don’t think you meet all the criteria but still are interested in the job, please apply! Nobody checks every box, and we’re looking for someone excited to join the team!


Salary and Benefits

  • Full time contract, fully flexible hours. (we have offices in London and Lisbon as well, if you prefer!).
  • Full-stack Engineer salary range will be according to your country of residence. We will discuss this with you during the hiring process.
  • Health Insurance and pension schemes would also be provided.
  • You will be supported to excel in whichever areas you are most interested in! With Laminar, development is unbounded.



We get hundreds of applications so please ensure your CV is no more than 2 pages and include a cover letter explaining why you want to join us and what you think you bring to the team - We aren’t a giant faceless corporation; we really care about the people who want to join our team so all letters will be read by one of the Directors. 

Candidates must be UK or EU based.

In terms of application, we usually start with a screening call to tell you what we are all about in a small, casual conversation. That helps you to know us a bit better and tell us a bit about yourself.   

Pour postuler à cette offre d’emploi veuillez visiter laminar.applytojob.com.