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1. Responsible for formulating the company’s human resources plan, planning, organizing and implementing recruitment work, establishing and maintaining personnel files, drawing up and updating labor futures, and following up on employee social insurance related issues;
2. Coordinate employee relations, motivate employee morale, enhance team spirit, improve employee satisfaction and company cohesion;
3. Assist the company in formulating and implementing a performance appraisal system;
4. Responsible for employee attendance management, including shift management, leave management, overtime management and attendance statistics management;
5. Responsible for the preliminary review, statistics, summary and report preparation of wages, bonuses and benefits;
6. Need to be responsible for employee performance verification.
1. College degree or above, major in business management, human resource management, administrative management, etc.;
2. Working experience in relevant positions; preferably working experience in the information security industry;
3. Familiar with the knowledge of the major modules of human resources and their internal connections; have basic experience in basic personnel; have recruitment experience;
4. Have affinity, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism.

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