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1. Job Responsibilities:
1) Analyze user behavior, plan activity strategies related to user attributes and match user needs, and formulate targeted activity cases for different user types in combination with goals;
2) Complete the dismantling, plan planning, event preparation follow-up, data monitoring, follow-up, and adjustment after the event limit from the early stage of the event;
3) Analyze activity data, dig deep into user needs, and provide corresponding basis for activity operation and iteration;
4) Carry out hierarchical management of users, and effectively promote the growth of key indicators through various operational means and tools;
5) Understand the market, analyze competing products, research user groups, and propose corresponding product/activity requirements and plans;
6) Complete the work assigned by the superior.

2. Job requirements:
1) Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years experience in event operation;
2) Familiar with overseas user groups, with excellent event planning ability;
3) Have strong logical thinking ability, data sensitivity, good at using and analyzing data;
5) Strong self-learning ability, blockchain, finance and other related backgrounds are preferred;
6) Proficiency in reading and writing in English, and the ability to read and write in small languages ​​is preferred;
7) Have good professional ethics and cultural quality, strong execution and communication skills, strong sense of work responsibility and pressure resistance.

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