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Parity Technologies builds core infrastructure and technology for blockchains and Web 3.0 world. This means dealing with P2P networking, consensus algorithms, cryptography, databases, and decentralised applications.

We strive to write the fastest, lightest, and safest core technology in Blockchain and do a lot of free, open-source development. 

As Parity grows, we still want to remain a fully engineering-driven company that automates as many things as possible instead of hiring more managers and establishing a processes-above-people dictatorship. 

We’re looking for someone who can listen and identify problems and quickly prototype solutions to make people’s life easier with code or even no-code. These projects are usually small-to-midsize, so we need a person who can ship an MVP from scratch to production even without a well-established roadmap.

We want you to be able to deliver without any supervisory role giving you precise step-by-step instructions. We expect you to actively participate in identifying and questioning stakeholders, outlining project requirements, and coordinating delivering code with other teams.

We would like it if you would be able to develop at least some resemblance of UI/UX for the tools which need it. We will help you set up deployment and testing for the tools you own — but you should be at least aware of how and what happens there not to be blocked when something needs to be tweaked in that machinery.

Currently, most of our projects are running on JavaScript/TypeScript and Python, with occasional ingrainings of Rust. We have k8s clusters to deploy stuff that needs to be deployed but we also often make tools for web3 users who prefer to self-host them. 

Security, software freedom and decentralization are our core product design principles.

For example, we are currently developing a privacy-focused application to automate our office and company management; we make tools for cryptomaniacs who want to manage their assets securely; and we also make a bunch of other products that make life easier for us and our ecosystem.

This is a great opportunity for those who like to invent and try new things in the company of people who believe in technology.
Location: Berlin or remote with ±4hrs difference from UTC


  • Experience as a full-stack developer
  • Good knowledge of TypeScript, React and JS ecosystem in general
  • Ability to work and build products autonomously
  • Maker’s mindset. Hunger for shipping MVPs, not for corporate processes


  • Experience with Python and Rust programming languages
  • Some exposure to UI/UX development, no panic when you don’t have design mockups
  • Knowledge of Github Actions and/or No-Code tools to automate routines
  • Open source software background
  • Understanding how CI/CD process works in general
  • Passionate about blockchain technologies and bringing a decentralized web to the world


  • Working in a fully engineering-driven environment, building cutting-edge technology for the future web. Our teams enjoy a high degree of trust, freedom and autonomy to achieve that goal.
  • No bullshit, no bureaucracy, no daily stand-ups, no Jira. We value you for what you do, not for how many meetings you’ve had.
  • The ability to choose which projects to work on and even come up with your own, as long as of course the mission-critical things for the company are solved.
  • Generous learning budget to attend conferences or courses of your own choosing. We think you know what’s best for you.
  • Regular company retreats and team events even for remote employees. Because bringing the team together is something we value a lot.

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