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While blockchains themselves provide the underlying security to make all of this possible, interacting with an Ethereum node from your favorite terminal isn’t the future. We need make it possible for everyone to harness the power of the decentralized web with simple and powerful tools. Use your creativity to build new products, invent new patterns and apply new principles in the world of the decentralized web.

As a Full-stack Engineer you’ll:

  • Help implement and build new features in Frame
  • Work on both Frame-integrated and standalone dapps
  • Develop and deploy using decentralized infrastructure (ENS/IPFS)
  • Become an expert interfacing with smart contracts and decentralized protocols
  • Create and use new Ethereum JSON-RPC endpoints
  • Use your unique skills and perspective to continue pushing Frame forward
  • Hang out with the team and growing Discord community 🙃

We’re always building new stuff here so there’s never a dull moment. Are you ready to help build the future of the web? Come find us!

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