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About Emperia

Emperia is an immersive commerce platform on a mission to reimagine the ecommerce space by enabling retailers to boost their online channels through virtual stores. Operating at the intersection of web2 and web3, Emperia’s technology enables brands and retailers to build, manage and track their virtual experiences. Having just raised $10m at Series A, we are looking to build a new technology frontier of ecommerce through highly differentiated virtual experiences which extend brands’ physical retail experience into the digital world, adding a layer of interactivity and personalization. Emperia simplifies your omnichannel efforts, creating a metaverse retail store, so your loyal shoppers can find you wherever, whenever they are, in an exciting, yet familiar space that engages them, tells your story and ultimately generates sales. With clients including Bloomingdales, Dior, Harrods and many more, this is just the beginning for us. Now expanding into the US and other geographies, we’re bringing a whole new meaning to virtual reality within retail we are bringing a whole new meaning to virtual reality within retail.


  • Creativity – creative solutions are the key driver to product quality & company growth.
  • Making an impact – Prioritise activities that make the most significant impact on our customers.
  • Drive – Passionate about what we do and see no obstacles in our way.
  • Individual accountability – We are a team, but take full responsibility for our own actions to drive ourselves, the team, and the company forward.
  • Continuous learning – Learn new skills, invent new methods and approaches, and become better at what we do day by day.

Your Role:

We are seeking a talented Back-end focused Full-Stack developer to manage and own several products and features as part of our Infrastructure growth roadmap. You will be working on various technology frontiers, such as the automation of user interfaces, data analytics, and partner integrations.

If you are looking for a position where you can make an impact, grow with the team, have experience working with cross-cultural teams, and be the leader of the industry, this position is right for you!


  • Work with the Tech Lead, Product Manager, and Engineering team to ideate software solutions, and plan scope and architecture.
  • Being an active part of the scrum lifecycle.
  • Maintain and develop website templates, and improve the website generation pipeline.
  • Ideate, refine and implement data tracking capabilities with Google Analytics 4 and our own data tracking solution.
  • Work with the krpano framework to utilize it to it’s full potential.
  • Implement partnership solutions related to Web3 technology, data tracking and 3D models.
  • Be a part of the architecture design, code review, performance evaluation, and internal tool management.
  • Code review and branch management.
  • Provide innovative ideas to products and systems to improve our daily lives.
  • Working with Web3 technology.

Technical Requirements:

  • Experience working with Python.
  • Experience working in Linux environments.
  • Experience with core AWS web-enabling technologies.
  • Experience building and maintaining a CI/CD pipeline in GitHub Actions, Jenkins, and AWS developer tools like code commit, code build, code deploy, and code pipeline.
  • Experience working with React, JS, CSS, and HTML and Chakra UI.
  • Experience working with google analytics, and GTM.
  • Working with XML and HTML files, knowledege of Python frameworks to parse these formats.
  • Debugging and monitoring performance, memory usage of web applications.

General Requirements:

  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Experience writing Unit tests with Pytest.
  • Firm understanding of Git source control.
  • Actively learning and growing as a person.
  • Ability to work autonomously, but know the value of communication and discussions.
  • Preferable experience in the service under Amazon Web Service.
  • Enjoys working in a fast-paced and collaborative international environment.
  • Over 5 years of proven development track record preferred.

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