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Abacus Works is seeking an Engineering Manager to join our team and work on Hyperlane, the permissionless interoperability layer. Hyperlane provides developers with an API to connect between blockchains seamlessly, empowering them to add interoperability capabilities to any chain without gatekeeping. As the Engineering Manager, you will lead our engineering team, drive technical innovation, and contribute to the development of core functionalities of the protocol while fostering a collaborative and high-performance culture.
Key Responsibilities:
* Lead, mentor, and inspire a team of engineers, fostering collaboration, innovation, and high performance.
* Provide technical guidance and support to engineers, assisting in problem-solving and overcoming challenges.
* Conduct regular performance evaluations, set performance goals, and provide constructive feedback to team members.
* Identify and nurture talent within the team, fostering professional growth and providing opportunities for skill development and career advancement.
* Scale the engineering team by identifying leads, screening and interviewing candidates for technical skills and cultural fit, and improving engineering hiring processes.
* Address collaboration challenges by facilitating communication and streamlining processes to ensure efficient workflows as the team scales.
* Tackle operational challenges related to managing time zones, prioritizing goals, and maintaining consistency in operational expertise across the team.
* Address bottlenecks in technical scoping and backlog grooming, ensuring efficient allocation of resources and streamlining processes to improve productivity.
* Provide mentorship and support to engineers, ensuring accountability and fostering individual growth
* Partner with recruiting to assist in scaling the engineering organization, contributing to the hiring process and identifying opportunities for team growth.
* 2+ years of experience building and managing high-productivity engineering teams.
* 3+ years of experience with TypeScript/Javascript/Node.js.
* 2+ years of experience working with Ethereum or similar blockchain-based smart contract platforms.
* Strong communication skills and ability to operate independently under uncertainty.
* Strong sense of initiative and ownership, with the drive, intensity, and motivation to perform at a world-class level.
* Crypto native with a passion for developer products is a plus.

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