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Pyth Network’s success depends on attracting developers to use our oracle’s prices. Accordingly, we strive to work directly with developers to help them build their applications, including sitting down and writing code with them. This role requires strong software engineering and communication skills — our users should feel like you’re one of their team members. Our developer relations team also answers technical questions and uses their insight about the community to help us improve the developer experience of Pyth Network.

About Us and the Job

  • We are a small team, and about half the team is technical.
  • We are mostly remote. Team members live across the world, in the US, Europe, and Asia. We do have offices in some locations (Porto, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore) for those who prefer in-office work.
  • Our team communicates with each other and external developers in English. Strong spoken and written English skills are required.
  • We operate like a startup in the rapidly-growing and changing DeFi ecosystem. In order to be successful, we must adapt to meet the current needs of the market. Good candidates will help our organization adapt; they are flexible problem solvers who are willing and able to jump on whatever the occasion demands.
  • Our success depends on external developers using our protocol. Good candidates will be able to write code with external developers and answer deep technical questions about Pyth Network.
  • We offer a competitive salary and generous benefits package. Furthermore, where applicable, employees may be eligible for token allocations as part of Pyth Network’s employee incentive program.

What You’ll Do:

  • Work directly with the community of Pyth Network developers to increase adoption. Understand developers’ problems and build solutions that reduce the cost of adoption and improve the developer experience.
  • Answer technical questions and synthesize insights that can inform product strategy.
  • Improve and create technical content — documentation, explainers, examples — to support developers, integrators, and business partners. Publish this content on Github and other channels to make integration of our oracle intuitive and easy.
  • Facilitate great onboarding experiences for developers and partners.
  • Build relationships with crypto protocols and find mutually beneficial business opportunities.
  • Be an active member of our developer community by helping to address technical questions and improve the overall quality of developer support in channels such as Discord, Slack and StackOverflow.
  • Speak at conferences playing a community-building role in the global ecosystem.

Skills You’ll Need:

  • Strong software engineering skills, as evidenced by 3+ years of experience as a professional software developer or evangelist. You probably have a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree, but self-taught developers are welcome to apply.
  • Technical understanding or exposure to Rust, C, C++, Solidity and Typescript/React. You don’t need all of them — you can pick up the rest on the job.
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills. A record of public technical writing and speaking is a plus; if you have any written work or talks you’re proud of, please include them in the application and we’ll take a look.