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What is t3rn?

t3rn is a hosting platform for smart contracts, that enables trustless, interoperable execution and composable collaboration. Initially developed through the Web3 Foundation grants program, t3rn delivered a full proof of concept, before joining the Substrate Builders Program.

t3rn was created to address some of the core issues in blockchain technology, namely interoperability and how open-source software rewards contributors. t3rn will bring full smart contract interoperability to Polkadot and beyond, as well create an ecosystem that rewards developers based on how widely used their open-source contributions are.

We believe in trust-free collaboration. We are building an open, decentralized and community driven protocol for smart contract hosting and execution, where businesses and developers share solutions and grow the network’s value exponentially.

t3rn Whitepaper

t3rn Lightpaper

t3rn Web3 Foundation Grant statement

t3rn initial backers


  • Automating testing + release pipelines
  • Managing our testnet/mainnet deployments
  • Managing our NPM package releases
  • Introducing tools that ensure satisfactory code coverage


  • 3+ years in a DevOps
  • 3+ years in Node.js development
  • Experience working with security critical systems
  • Experience with automating existing processes and streamlining the way teams work
  • Experience with Crypto / Blockchain / Web3 / Ethereum applications or systems
  • Ability to quickly learn and teach new technologies and frameworks
  • Fluent in English
  • Technologies/skills needed: Linux, Github Actions, Git, NPM Registry, Cargo (Rust package manager), Docker, Substrate node CLI + Runtime upgrades
  • Understanding of the Polkadot ecosystem

A Plus

  • Good with Ethereum smart contracts
  • Practical experience of working with the crypto / decentralized technology space, and open source, privacy-minded communities

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