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Who we are

StreamingFast is a web3 builder and investor. As a core developer on The Graph, it excels at building massively scalable open-source software for processing and indexing blockchain data. Founded by a team of serial tech entrepreneurs, the company has deep expertise in large-scale data science. Its core innovations, the Firehose and Substreams, are files-based and streaming-first approach that enables high-performance indexing on high throughput chains.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a Developer Relations professional to evangelize the innovative products developed by the StreamingFast software engineering team. The ideal candidate is someone who demonstrates the following attributes:

  • Passion for blockchain development, data indexing and The Graph ecosystem
  • Experience with community management: The ideal candidate considers the community as your extended family, and you are always prepared to assist them with any product-related needs
  • Passion for developer advocacy: The ideal candidate should have a genuine interest in helping developers and be passionate about advocating for our products
  • Event management experience: The ability to organize and lead successful workshops, presentations, community talks, and engage with the developer community
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (especially technical writing): The ability to clearly and effectively communicate the indexing power of Substreams, and The Firehose to developers is key
  • Strong technical background: The ideal candidate should have a solid understanding of technology and be able to speak to developers in their own language. (Golang, Rust, AssemblyScript, etc.)

What you’ll be doing

The primary role of the Developer Relations is to foster a mutually advantageous connection between the web3 developer community, The Graph ecosystem and the products built by StreamingFast. This involves effectively disseminating valuable and impactful information about Substreams and Firehose to developers. Furthermore, the Developer Relations team will collect and relay feedback from the developer community to the Engineering, and Business teams within StreamingFast.


  • Representing StreamingFast and The Graph ecosystem at both in-person and online events
  • Attending and speaking at technical events around the globe including meetups, hackathons, and conferences
  • Offering technical assistance to our community through various social channels such as GitHub, Discord, Twitter, Telegram and more
  • Engaging with The Graph and web3 developer communities, fostering their growth, and providing continuous support
  • Assisting users with onboarding and integrating projects, ensuring a smooth transition
  • Taking ownership of and overseeing technical documentation to maintain its accuracy and comprehensiveness
  • Creating informative technical blog posts, tutorials, videos, and sample dApps, while also ensuring that the documentation remains up-to-date
  • Collaborating with our Engineering team to gather feedback and ensure that our community has a positive experience with StreamingFast and the associated technology.Interacting with developers and users, motivating them to integrate Substreams and Firehose into their projects

What we value:

  • Speed of execution through great tooling and proper testing
  • Simplicity and cutting the cruft to ship slick solutions, every day
  • Voracious learning that does not stop until you’ve grasped the full stack
  • Collision of ideas to produce better ideas
  • Team work over our individual success

What we offer:

  • Dynamic, collaborative startup environment and inspiring culture
  • Highly motivated team moving at a fast pace
  • Possibility to work remotely and from a beautiful location in Downtown Montreal

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