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1. Responsible for the daily management of customer service experts. Guide customer service experts to perform on-site work to avoid customer complaints caused by customer service experts’ failures;
2. Responsible for training, motivation, promotion, communication and other management and emergency public relations activities. Responsible for overall service level and team performance;
3. Participate in the formulation and implementation of customer service procedures, service standards, work plans, and implementation specifications. Adjust and improve processes to meet internal needs;
4. Develop a training plan with the training supervisor. Provide product training and improve service capabilities for customer service experts;
5. Arrange team members on duty and shifts, and make specific shift arrangements. Adjust customer service reception and arrange replacement of personnel based on customer traffic. Help employees grow and achieve goals beyond productivity and satisfaction;
6. Responsible for the daily shift management of the customer service team. Manage, supervise and evaluate the daily work of customer service experts;
7. Communicate and coordinate with different departments. Contact the market, products, technical team, etc. and provide feedback.
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of customer service management experience, including more than 3 years of customer service supervisor experience;
2. Proficiency in Word / Excel / PPT / Visio and other software. Powerful document editing, analysis, summary and reporting capabilities;
3. Familiar with customer service operations and business processes. Strong insight. Good at finding problems. Sensitive to numbers;
4. Excellent language and communication skills, and strong teamwork skills;
5. Have a strong sense of service, the ability to adapt to changes and the ability to deal with on-site problems. Able to handle emergency situations independently. conscientious. Enthusiastic customer service management. Emotionally stable, with a passionate and optimistic personality.
Can inspire the enthusiasm of team members.

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