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  • Strong background in Math/Cryptography (e.g. Degrees of Math/Physics/Computer Science from elite universities, you should be able to understand the research publication in cryptography and implement the constructions in basic building blocks such as Ellipse Curves)
  • Experience in state-of-art zero knowledge proof systems such as Groth16, Plonk, Halo2, Nova
  • Experience in implementing cryptographic constructions and familiar with various common attacks
  • Proficient in C/C++/Rust
  • Excellent oral English and communication skill
  • Have passion in Web3 industry
  • Extreme ownership mentality – able to take responsibilities and ship secure code in a timely manner

Good to Have

  • Speciality in elliptic curve cryptography
  • Speciality in zero-knowledge proof systems and multi-party computation
  • Publications in top tier cryptography or security conference such as Crypto/EuroCrypto/Financial Crypto/CCS/Usenix Security

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