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  1. Responsible for the research, analysis and tutorial task list operation of crypto alpha projects
  2. Responsible for alpha projects task set up, promotion and features optimization
  3. Monitor alpha projects’ data, regularly operation update, SOP build up, and optimize operational strategy based on competitive research and industry trends


  1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent English and Mandarin in listening, speaking, reading and writing, English and Mandarin can be used as a working language
  2. Familiar with the web 3.0 industry and alpha projects, those with alpha project resources and KOL resources are preferred
  3. Be familiar with Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Medium and other overseas social media platforms.
  4. Strong executive ability, self-driving ability, independent research ability, experience from 0 to 1 is preferred
  5. Good at communication and teamwork, responsible for the work, learning ability

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