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Zama’s mission is to safeguard privacy by making the internet encrypted end-to-end.

Zama is building a suite of products for securing AI applications in the cloud and on the blockchain. Developers and data scientists can build FHE-friendly applications using our technology without having to know cryptography.

Zama was founded by Pascal Paillier, a pioneer in FHE, and Rand Hindi, a serial privacy entrepreneur.

If you would like to learn more about Fully Homomorphic Encryption, you can read our 6-min introduction:

Job Description

The Concrete Framework division is writing and maintaining several open-source cryptographic libraries and tools dedicated to Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). Those libraries and tools are written with different languages (rust for libraries, cpp for the compiler, python for frontend, etc…) and is targeting several environment (linux/macos/…) and/or hardware (cpu/gpu/…). As example one of those libraries, Concrete-core is used as the backbone of the whole framework. It implements various cryptographic primitives. The codebase uses the Rust programming language as its main language, but it is expected to host hardware-specific code written in other languages in the near future.

Your team is designing, writing and maintaining a compiler based on the MLIR Framework, that compiles arithmetic expressions to their Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) equivalent for execution on a distributed runtime.

Your main tasks are to:

  • design intermediate representations and optimizations for Fully Homomorphic Encryption,
  • implement optimization passes,
  • implement conversion passes between intermediate representations,
  • design and implement strategies for the distribution of the computation,
  • integrate efficient hardware backend to speedup the computation,
  • contribute to a software stack released under a Free Software license with the option for upstream development.

Your team is composed of members with backgrounds from industry and academia with a passion for free software development and privacy.

Note that full remote is possible, however we ask for the possibility to visit our Paris office at least on a quarterly basis.

Preferred Experience

He/She/They should have:
*The knowledge of the MLIR Framework is not mandatory, but you should verify the following:

  • experience with C++ or a modern functional / low-level language (Ocaml/Haskell/Scala/Rust/C/…),
  • experience with compiler development,
  • good communication skills,
  • everyday experience with modern version management (e.g., git) and collaborative code reviews.

Experience with distributed execution environments or HPC is a plus.

Recruitment Process

Our process is described in detail here:

Zama values and promotes diversity. We give everyone a fair chance to be evaluated on their mix of professional, academic, and personal skills. Our aim is to make the hiring process as pleasant, stress-free, and friendly as possible, even if the process is longer and more involved than you might find elsewhere

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