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About Us
Neon EVM is a high-performance, open source platform for launching decentralized applications on the Solana blockchain using the same programming languages and developer tooling as Ethereum. Ethereum developers can scale performance and access new liquidity without significant code changes, or build scalable applications from day one.
Your Mission:
As the Chief Operating Officer at Neon Labs, you are central to fortifying our operational foundation, ensuring our diverse departments from Legal to marketing move in unison towards our collective mission. You will be the architect of our workflow, the catalyst for collaboration, and the standard-bearer for our operational objectives in the ever-evolving landscape of Web3.
Operational Command:
Lead with a strategic vision, driving cohesive operations and cross-departmental cooperation with the goal of streamlining efforts and maximizing results.
Champion the implementation of strategic initiatives, translating overarching goals into executable strategies with precision and clarity across the company.
Elevate efficiency through rigorous analysis and refinement of processes, aligning resources to accelerate product and service delivery in tune with our strategic aims.
Instill a performance-oriented culture, utilizing KPIs and metrics to monitor and uplift operational productivity and agility.

Your Responsibilities

🌟 Strategic Operational Leadership: Mastermind operational strategy and guide Neon through the complex challenges of the Web3 domain.
🚀 Cross-Functional Team Synergy: Cultivate a culture of collaboration, guiding diverse teams to work together seamlessly and with shared purpose.
🎯 Strategic Execution: Ensure that every strategic plan is not just a document but a living, breathing part of our daily operation, manifested in our products and services.
🔄 Process Optimization: Constantly refine our approach to operations, ensuring that we stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.

Skills, Nice to have and Strong Plus

  • Proven excellence in operational leadership roles, with a significant track record of enhancing cross-functional collaboration.
  • Deep understanding of the Web3 landscape, with the ability to apply this knowledge to operational practices.
  • Skilled in navigating the intricacies of managing diverse teams including HR, Legal, Finance, Business Development, and Marketing.
  • Adept at identifying and resolving challenges, innovating upon current processes, and directing teams towards comprehensive efficiency.
  • Data-driven decision-making capabilities, with an analytical approach to managing operations and driving performance.
  • Exceptional communicator, capable of uniting teams and stakeholders around a common vision.
  • An INSEAD MBA or equivalent qualification, symbolizing a formidable blend of strategic acumen and global business insight.
  • Be the Operational Vanguard:
Your role goes beyond mere oversight; you’ll be the driving force of Neon’s operational excellence. This is an opportunity for a leader who not only understands the operational demands of a cutting-edge Web3 company but is ready to imprint their expertise and vision upon the very heartbeat of our operations.


  • Competitive salary 💰
  • Health insurance compensation 🏥
  • Working in a disruptive and fast-growing industry where the possibilities are endless 🚀
  • Fully remote: your life, your way of working 🌎
  • Freedom, autonomy, and responsibility 💪

About Neon

Founded as a pioneering force in the web3 landscape, Neon EVM is a high-performance, open-source platform designed for launching decentralized applications (DApps) on the Solana blockchain. Our platform allows Ethereum developers to seamlessly transition, utilizing the same programming languages and developer tooling they are familiar with, while unlocking enhanced scalability and liquidity on Solana. At Neon EVM, we empower developers to scale their projects without substantial code modifications and enable the creation of scalable applications right from inception.

What We Do:

Neon EVM specializes in providing a high-performance environment for the deployment of decentralized applications, emphasizing compatibility with Ethereum’s programming languages and developer tools. Our goal is to facilitate the seamless transition of Ethereum developers into the Solana ecosystem, allowing them to capitalize on improved performance and broader liquidity without the need for extensive code adjustments. We take pride in fostering a platform that supports innovation and the creation of scalable blockchain applications.

Team Size:

Our dynamic team at Neon EVM consists of passionate 56 professionals dedicated to driving advancements in web3 technology. We believe in the power of collaboration and inclusivity, with each team member contributing their unique skills and experiences. As we continue to grow, we aim to maintain a collaborative environment that encourages learning, creativity, and mutual support.

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