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Carbon Neutrality 3.0

If you’re eager to learn more about web3, DeFi or NFTs and are committed to the fight against climate change, this permanent contract offer is for YOU! đŸŒ±đŸŒ


Carbon neutrality is both a pressing and complex challenge What if we leveraged Web3 to help fight climate change effectively?

The regeneration of nature is one area where humanity can help rebalance the climate in a short time frame. That’s why we have created Carbonable, a pioneering « Decarbonize and Manage as a Service » solution for an effective end-to-end carbon removal action.

With our groundbreaking approach that converts carbon removal projects into digital assets, Carbonable opens the doors to this sustainable investment opportunity to everyone, while providing an absolute level of trust and transparency.
Further Carbonable provides unparalleled benefits to companies in executing their net zero strategy. From cost saving, to risk diversification, portfolio management, monitoring, and immersive consumer experience, Carbonable is the ultimate tool to drive environmental leadership.


Remote first. You’ll be joining a team based all over the French country but with the ambition to expand all over the world. Want to work remotely? Go ahead.
Flexible working arrangements. You can create your own journey with flexible schedules and locations. We believe everyone has the right to control their own freedom. Our people can make their own schedule, own their own time, and we encourage you to travel and work from anywhere in the world.
Continuous learning and opportunities. You’ll be constantly exposed to new concepts, ideas and challenges of Web3 and Web2 – challenging yourself to stay on the top of your game.
– Giving meaning beyond Blockchain Web3. You will join a company that has a real impact on the regeneration of nature and take part in the financing of public goods.


As a Smart Contract Engineer within Carbonable, you will innovate and build the next generation of Web3 on Ethereum Layer 2 (Starknet), on the smart contract side, across a variety of new and exciting verticals, from protocol design to implementation.
Forever learning and optimizing everything we make in the name of correct coding. You will partner with a diversified and experienced team to build a product that can service a growing number of customer and projects that aime the regeneration of nature. The systems you build will be powering the innovation happening in the web3 world.

You will write new smart contracts in Cairo to manage Token (ERC-20), NFT (ERC-721), & other type of Token and implement DeFi protocol. You will develop tests with Protostar, and integrate the Starknet contracts to bridge with other DeFi protocol.
In the near future, you will write smart contracts to deploy and interact with the DAO system on Starknet network.
You will work closely with the CTO and TechLead throughout the lifecycle of the development (design, development, testing, deployment, operations). You will take part in efforts to run formal verification on the contracts we will deploy on Starknet.


You should have a background in the traditional Web2 industry and also have already developed smart contracts in Web3 (ideally Solidity or Cairo). You are excited to help build a quality foundation, drive key decisions early on, and set up the product for long term success.

Required Skills:
– 6+ years as a software Engineer

– 2+ years of experience building and releasing secure and production grade smart contracts
– Experienced problem solver with an interest in building complex smart contracts
– Demonstrated experience shipping and deploying smart contracts on main-net and/or side-chains holding significant amounts of value
– Is eager to learn Cairo (Starknet language)
– Experience with using collaboration tools and operating in a remote first environment
– Experience working on agile projects
– Experience working with CI/CD process
– Good verbal and written communication in English
– Willingness to constantly learn, improve, and challenge yourself to stay at the top of your game

Bonus Points
– Strong understanding of the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and the DeFi and Web3 ecosystem with an understanding of NFTs

– Experience building DeFi protocols
– Experience building NFTs collections
– Experience building on Layer-2 scaling solutions, and its associated challenges (bridges, oracles, data availability, finality etc…)
– Experience with zk-proofs.

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