• Full Time
  • NY

Position Overview:

At Magna, we’re seeking a dynamic, forward-thinking, and detail-oriented Business Operations Lead. This role will focus on optimizing internal processes, creating effective systems, and enhancing cross-functional collaboration. You will play a critical part in our team, creating sustainable solutions that boost productivity, drive our business forward, and become a part of our daily operations. You’ll head drive and see through to completions projects that require collaboration between teams and spot opportunities to improve internal and external-facing processes. If you’re intrigued by business optimization and eager to strategize and execute, this role is for you. This role is highly autonomous, visible, and impactful, but also with lots of behind-the-scenes unsexy work. We’re seeking someone who flourishes in uncertainty and loves a good challenge. This role will be about 40% Project Management, 40% operations, and 20% tactically rolling up your sleeves.

Key Responsibilities:

This role will be a mix of internal-facing and external-facing projects and collaborating closely with the CEO. Responsibilities can include:

  1. Reporting to the CEO, you’ll tackle everything that would be on their plate if they had more time. This includes leading strategic initiatives, providing cross-functional team oversight, measuring team performance, seeing projects through to completion, and more.
  2. Identify and address operational bottlenecks to increase efficiency and productivity in internal and external processes, and ensure that we have systems that will scale with company growth.
  3. Cultivate strong relationships with internal team members, promoting collaboration and effective communication.
  4. Be able to represent Magna when needed in external interactions with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.
  5. Help with BD-related events in NYC and at conferences including with identifying key co-sponsors and partners, themes, and who to invite.

Qualities in a Great Candidate:

  1. Proactivity and Foresight: You are a proactive thinker, always scanning for opportunities to streamline processes and improve the internal workings of the company.
  2. Detail-Oriented: Your attention to detail is unmatched. You are meticulous and thorough, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in your mission to create optimal processes. And we mean it – we’ll be relying on you to make sure that nothing was missed.
  3. Future-Oriented: You are mindful of the company’s future direction, and you align systems and processes accordingly. You ensure that whatever we build today is sustainable and scalable for tomorrow. We want someone that is always thinking about
  4. Low-Ego: You understand that a large part of your role involves unblocking others and creating systems that enhance productivity. You don’t shy away from behind-the-scenes work that might not always be glamorous.
  5. Systematic Thinker: You excel in creating frameworks and systems. You aim to build solutions that are not only effective but can be adopted and utilized by all team members.

Join us at Magna to make a difference. Be a part of our journey as we scale, and contribute to building a strong, sustainable, and future-oriented business.


  • Minimum 3-5 years of experience in a similar role, with a focus on operational efficiency and process improvement.
  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Proven track record of successfully implementing and managing internal processes and systems.
  • Experience in a startup or high-growth environment is a must. We want people that have been in the trenches of a startup.
  • Experience with building financial models of some sort.
  • Note: this is an in-person role

What would really impress us

  • Experience in the crypto ecosystem

Why you’ll love this role

This role is for those who find joy in the details, who relish the unseen but crucial work that keeps a business humming. As our Business Unblocking Specialist, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing your work translate into smoother processes, more efficient operations, and a happier team. While much of your work will happen behind the scenes, its impact will be front and center. Plus, as Magna grows, you’ll have the opportunity to evolve with us, with the potential to step into a COO role in the future.

Why work at Magna

Magna is more than just a startup – we’re a team of innovative thinkers, eager to make a real impact. We foster an environment of collaboration, where every idea is valued and everyone has a voice. We’re committed to transparency, growth, and maintaining a strong company culture even as we expand. At Magna, you’re not just another employee – you’re a valued member of our team, actively contributing to our vision and future success.

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