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Welcome to Coinhouse, 

Bridging between the blockchain ecosystem and the traditional finance world, Coinhouse creates trust in this ecosystem. Our mission is to empowers our users, individuals and businesses alike, to simply and securely invest in the crypto market as well as to keep their assets safe.

Joining Coinhouse means embarking on an exhilarating adventure, joining a real family of people passionate about crypto-assets, the benefits of decentralization and the creation of digital trust. The most important thing is to be curious, have a thirst for learning, and be willing to join a growing startup in a totally new industry!

We are all pretty passionate about bringing the crypto world to the masses and are looking for someone that has that dream too!

 Why Coinhouse needs you? 

We are looking for an engineer motivated to be part of the team that can take our stack to the next level for scaling and better adherence to our business domain.

You will be expected to work as part of a team and combine a strong desire to learn with a strong desire to gain responsibility and authority over your contributions to our product and code base.

What we expect from you : 

  • Being part of standard scrum processes (grooming, kickoff, stand up, etc.)
  • Development of business logic and collaboration with junior developers
  • Being part of peer-reviews for pull requests, architectural proposals, and process proposals
  • Handling features from analysis of functional requirements all the way to deployment into production

Main technos and stack :

  • Ruby, Rails 
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sidekiq
  • Redis
  • RSpec
  • Git

Other Stack ( awesome if you already know some of it): 

  • React, TypeScript, Jest
  • NodeJS
  • Golang
  • GraphQL
  • Docker, AWS, Ansible

And Who are you?

Our developers work quite intimately with the product managers giving feedback during the conception of epics. There is a lot of opportunity to really affect the system and we are looking forward to meeting someone that is passionate about clean architecture and being part of a dynamic team.

You must be or have:

  • An excellent problem solver
  • Adaptability: You used to work with uncertainty and you are known for great rigor
  • Collaborative: We are a team that thrives on collective wisdom
  • Curious: You have a huge interest in our eco-system and excited to learn some new stuffs
  • An english speaker : You want to evolve in an international team!
  • Business oriented: You should be able to make technical decisions based on the needs of the business

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