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About Us

Pixelynx is a new music and gaming venture that has been launched by deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin. We are building a music platform that makes it easy for any artist, label, or venue to launch their own interactive experiences and monetise them through Digital Collectables.

Job Description

As a Backend and DevOps Engineer at Pixelynx, you will be responsible for building and maintaining robust backend services, as well as managing the deployment and infrastructure using AWS services. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to coordinate the development and deployment of various APIs, ensuring their scalability, reliability, and high performance. Additionally, you will collaborate with ML engineers to deploy machine learning models into production.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and maintain backend services using technologies such as Typescript, NestJS, DynamoDB, and Amazon Cognito.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams to coordinate the development and deployment schedules of various APIs.
  • Construct robust and scalable APIs using Python and Node.js for M/L & AI jobs, in combination with Docker for containerization.
  • Rapidly deploy prototypes in collaboration with the ML engineers on the team and make them ready for production use.
  • Implement comprehensive testing strategies to ensure the high reliability and quality of our services.
  • Utilise AWS services, with a particular emphasis on AWS CDK, and master CI/CD pipelines to ensure efficient deployment.
  • GPU deployment, scaling and familiarity with services such as Huggingface or is a plus.


  • Proficiency in Typescript, NestJS, Cloudfront, DynamoDB, and Amazon Cognito
  • Proven experience in backend development with a strong command of AWS infrastructure, DevOps, and MLOps practices.
  • Proficiency in creating RESTful APIs using Python, Node.js, and Docker.
  • Ability to swiftly deploy and productionize prototypes, working alongside ML engineers.
  • Adeptness in writing robust tests to ensure the stability and performance of services.
  • Familiarity with AWS CDK and expertise in implementing CI/CD pipelines.
  • Ability to collaborate across teams and timezones effectively.

Other considerations

  • Web3 knowledge is a plus
  • Knowledge of music creation is a plus

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